"We start from the ground up"

We are proud to be one of the UK’s few companies that offer a complete turn-key service whereby we cover all aspects of the program. This starts from the sub soil up. JVC covers all aspects of site clearance and groundworks and we start by stripping a base and compacting the sub soil to make sure the building sits on a solid foundation. This way we can ensure the pouring and finishing of the concrete is as well engineered as possible, ensuring an excellent quality and reliable finished product.

"Your concrete is only as good as the base it sits on"

When ordering materials, a few minor delays can often lead to several weeks of set backs. This can be seriously detrimental with tight deadlines such as needing a building in time for harvest. Thats why we have spent over 30 years building strong relationships with suppliers to ensure any materials we order will be delivered on time.
We also cover all aspects of drainage, concrete finishing and civil engineering as a separate entity of building erection. If you are interested in a quote, please click on the “quote” section at the top of the page.